Do recruitment company websites matter?

I always look at a recruitment company's website before speaking with the managing director or marketing person as it tells me a lot about the company's marketing capabilities. Candidates, clients and prospective employees will use your site in the same way.

The top 3 reasons people visit your website

  1. To get your contact details - your contact details should be on your email footers, but if they're not then your website is the next port of call. If they are on their mobiles, it may not be easy to find a relevant email either. 
  2. To check you are credible - until they get to know you as individuals, then your website is the best way for a client, candidate or employee to judge whether you are a reputable company, able to meet their needs.
  3. To further their careers - salary surveys and jobs boards drive traffic because people are interested in that content.

How to judge whether your website matters & is any good

  1. Use your google analytics - look at traffic, page views, time on site, most popular pages, referral sources etc. And trends with these.
  2. Benchmark your site - look at some competitor sites. Your clients, candidates and prospective employees will.
  3. Write down what you want your website to achieve. Prioritise the list and then draw a line beneath your top three priorities.
  4. Browse your site as a client, a candidate and a prospective employee. Can you find the information you want? 
  5. Now do the same on mobile and tablet.