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I have had the pleasure of working with some great companies and individuals in the recruitment sector.

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What I do

marketing non exec & mentorinG

* Coaching and development of junior marketing personnel

* A sounding board for experienced marketers and the board - marketing can feel a lonely place in a recruitment company

* Typically between 1 and 4 days per month (depending on the client)

Strategy and planning

* Audit of current marketing communications activity

* Creation of marketing strategy and plans

ROI analysis & Resource Maximisation

* Create dashboards of metrics that help you calculate the ROI / value of your marketing activity including: jobs boards, website, social media, events, thought leadership activity

* Review of resource utilisation 

Thought leadership & social media

* Creation and distribution of thought leadership programmes

* Thought leadership ghost writing

* Public relations and social media



"As well as doing all of my marketing I recommend Richard to any of my clients who need marketing communications consultancy."
Alex Arnot, non executive advisor to 20+ recruitment companies

Remit: Marketing communications strategy and delivery; proposition development.

Challenge: Showcase the expertise of one of the UK's leading recruitment non executive directors.

Approach: Secure relevant PR opportunities, write and distribute thought leadership reflecting Alex's expertise. Support the development of new offerings and develop appropriate strategies.


"Richard has taken ownership of our marketing communications. In a relatively short time, he has transformed our brand and we will be reaping the rewards of his work with us for some time to come."
Marc Tobias, co-founder and director

Remit: All elements of marketing communications strategy and delivery.

Challenge: A great company in a competitive space with a relatively weak brand and little time to dedicate to marketing.

Approach: Become and then develop the company's in-house marketing department. Articulate the company’s strengths , secure internal buy in, then develop a strong brand and marketing communications strategy to help differentiate them from the competition. Hire and coach a marketing executive to deliver the strategy long term.


"Richard has been invaluable in both helping us focus our efforts on what will deliver the greatest return and helping us make our business case compelling to the target market."
David Press, founder and managing director

Remit: Business and marketing consultant

Challenge: Identify a market for a well designed recruitment tool.

Approach: Help the team who developed the product to identify markets which would benefit from the innovative online recruitment platform and to articulate the value it would add to those markets.

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About me

Aardvark Communications

* Founded in 2012

* Specialises in recruitment company marketing

* 1 employee - I pitch, I deliver

Before aardvark - In-house marketing communications for:

* PRCA (Public Relations Consultants Association) - director of communications, 5 years

* ERM (Environmental Resources Management Ltd) - global marketing coordinator, 5 years

* Alstom Power - Strategic marketing team, 1 year


* International Management and French, University of Bath - 2.1


* Tennis

* Fly fishing

* Fly tying

* Badminton

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